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Trying to be prepared

It’s been a wonderful weekend full of travel, fun, and friends so the last thing I really felt like doing when I got back to Vancouver is cook a bunch of food for the week.  I started to think about this week, I realized the week is full of evening commitments and general chaos and mayhem…but I knew I still needed to figure out what to eat for lunches and snacks or I’d end up eating out too much and resorting to protein ‘bars’. Protein bars are marginal choices when you are in a pinch…but too many of them are glorified candy bars and filled with all kinds of unpronounceable items, sugar alcohols, and really aren’t that great nutritionally. So in an effort to keep things as easy peasy as I could, I realized I really only needed to fix one dinner (and survive on the leftovers), something for lunch and make some snacks.

So my easy peasy go-tos are:

Clean and put some fresh fruit in a bowl for snacks and munching


Lunches this week will be salad with chicken, a few almonds, a little bit of goat cheese, a few tablespoons of pomegranates. I can easily eat this every day for lunch.


Snacks each day:  2 hard boiled eggs and half of a yellow pepper


And ‘cheater’ chicken as a friend of mine calls it. Sometimes you just have to resort to the rotisserie chicken as it is easy in a pinch. So I shred all the chicken for the week for my lunches and prepare my lunches the night before.

For dinner for the week I picked up some pasta sauce that doesn’t have any sugar in it and some hamburger. I’ll brown that up with some onions on Wed when I will eat at home and steam some veggies to go with it. On Wed, I’ll add a potato as it will be post workout…but on Thursday it won’t be…so I’ll have a double serving of kale or asparagus and mix it all together. I would have cooked up some spaghetti squash to serve the hamburger over…but alas…this girl didn’t prepare quite as she should have and let her spaghetti squash go bad and now I have no pretend ‘spaghetti’ for my spaghetti sauce…which really isn’t that big of a deal as I’m content dishing it up over veggies.

Another easy to cook up meal would be picking up some fresh fish and doing a quick pan fry up and serving over veggies.

It’s always good to have a few ‘go-to’ meals that are easy to throw together when life just gets TOO busy and maybe the planning for the week’s meals just didn’t quite come together. That’s life…and just happens sometimes.


Change is sometimes hard. Moving is considered top 10 most difficult life changes for a person. Sometimes I laugh at myself because I tend to throw myself into new things, but forget I’m really not in love with huge amounts … Continue reading

Week of May 27th menu


I joined Precision Nutrition about a year ago and one of the BEST things I have taken away from the program as well as the Lean Eating program is how to plan and prepare my food for the week. I’ve been in the habit of weekly cooking  for about a year now as well as adhering to the 10 healthy habits of Precision Nutrition.

I also went Paleo this spring. I had tried to go last year, but I wasn’t fully committed and ate far too much dried fruit and nuts and only gained weight on it and I cheated a lot…so I really didn’t benefit much from it last year. But now that I prepare all my food in advance for a week it has made going Paleo much, much easier. Back in April I decided to give the Whole 30 program a try and truly see what all the fuss about Paleo was all about. I used the 30 day lack of gluten/dairy/sugar/alcohol/soy/legumes/artificial sweeteners as a baseline of how good I could possibly feel. And I felt GOOOD. First week was rough because I actually was exhausted all the time, and then my energy came abounding back. I discovered I am gluten intolerant (more on that in a different post) and I probably shouldn’t really eat any of the other stuff anyway because I feel amazing when I don’t, but eating outside of my house that way is a total pain. I have more or less decided to eat this way when I can and since I plan and prepare 90% of my food, I figured if I stayed gluten free 100% of the time and Whole 30/Whole 9 compliant when I cook my foods for the week, that would be the best thing for me.

I usually cook 1x a week…because I am not a big fan of cooking. Since I generally only cook for myself and don’t mind eating leftovers, I cook 2-3 meals on Sunday for the week and rotate my meals on a weekly basis. Here is this week’s menu.Oh and the other trick I have learned: try to make 3 different types of recipes, one for the slow cooker, one for the oven and one for on top of the stove. It makes the simultaneous prep a lot less time. My preparation goal is generally 2.5-3 hours (Including cleanup) per week. I also print out each of the recipes and put them in my handy dandy 3 ring binder that I have plastic sheets for the recipes (cuz I tend to spill things on the sheets).

Paleo Pad Thai (with shrimp not chicken)

Moroccan Chicken casserole

Asian Pork Lettuce Wraps