My training sucks and it’s my fault

photo(1)Monday was my first Canada day. Maybe I feel the need to post a picture of fireworks on the 4th of July to somehow quench that nostalgic feeling of missing the festivities back in the US…although I got a lot of “Happy 4th of July” on my facebook feed that I’m feeling pretty confident that I’m not really missing much aside from crazy heat and some hot dogs I shouldn’t eat anyway.

If you have every read Jack Canfield’s Success Principles, you’d know that principle #1 is: Take 100% Responsibility for Your Life

Yes, the good, the bad…all of it. My training needs to be that way. IGSF Worlds is in a 11 weeks and I’m just mentally not in the game. I have a bum left wrist that is cranky, and hurts, I’ve recently moved for a new job and I forgot that I’m the slowest person to adjust to a new city and I MISS my coach and my old gym. But…the reality is I gotta pull my big girl pants up and get on with training or decide not to go to Worlds, because Greece is an awfully long flight to go and not be 100% ready.

So…what’s going on

#1) Sleep…for whatever reason I’m not convincing myself to sleep enough.

#2) Food…I used to be awesome at prepping my food 1x a week and eating pretty clean. Now…notsomuch. One thing that Whole30 taught me is that I am SUPER sensisitve to pretty much everything. So too much wine, cheese, grains or whatever else is not permitted on Whole30…pretty much ruins me. Not a fun way to run my life all the time, but maybe I need to be a little stricter for the next 11 weeks.

#3)Water intake…Just not enough

#4)Mentally not in the game. I’ve been indulgent with thoughts of how much I miss my old training regime and such and I’m not letting myself find something that works now and embracing it as the ‘new normal’. When you fight yourself…you talk yourself out of pushing forward.

So…next steps

#1) Go to bed earlier. Let’s just start with 11:30…and by next week…11…eventually by 10. At the moment I get up around 7:30, but I need to start adding more cardio into my mornings…so here comes the FUN.

#2)Plan, prep and execute my food for the week…on the weekend. No more excuses. Period.

#3)Limit 1 cup of coffee a day…more water. I’m just going to start with “more water” and go from there.

#4) Make a plan and stick to the plan.

So until next time…


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