Training with the Bodybugg and an experiment with IF

My bodybugg keeps me honest and it gives me some interesting insight into my life and habits. I have a desk job where I analyze weird scientific data all day long, but mainly I tend to SIT a lot. I have discovered a few things:

1) Hitting 10K steps/day M-F is HARD for me. I rarely hit 10K during the week.

2)45mins to an hour of strength &/or kettlebell training is about 250-320 cals.

3)if I don’t workout on a particular day if it is M-F, I might only end up burning a mere 1800 calories! Weekends, I tend to get ‘out and about’ which sometimes has  put me 500 calories above my daily ‘goal’ of 2250…just doing ‘stuff’, not even doing any training.

Overall I’m finding the data incredibly useful.

Experiments with IF aka Intermittent Fasting20120603-134028.jpg

I’m currently working on my Precision Nutrition nutritional coaching certification level 1 as well as I’m going through their Lean Eating program to ‘see what it’s like’ to be coached with nutrition as well as an outlined training program. A couple months ago we did an intermittent fast for 24 hours. It had been awhile since I have done one so the grumble monster, aka my stomach, was out in full force during the fast. But lately I’ve been reading even more on IF and have been curious about including it more into my lifestyle because:

1)More and more scientific studies are showing benefits to doing IF. Here are some good insights into the benefits of IF and the types of IF over at Precision Nutrition.

2)It’s good to be reminded that being hungry isn’t the end of the world. I don’t always do so well when I’m hungry, so practicing being hungry is a good skill for me.

Intermittant fasting isn’t for everyone, but I personally think it has been fun to play with and experiment with myself to see if it is right for me. The Precision Nutrition article I linked to above or this longer article/ebook on IF by Precision Nutrition are good places to start exploring if you are interested in IF both the how and the why behind fasting.

For a very long time I have done the: EAT 5-6X A DAY…small meals, ect, ect. But the truth of the situation was: I hated preparing all that food all the time, and the tiny portion sizes were sad and annoying. Since starting Lean Eating last year, I reduced my daily meals to only 4 meals a day, skipping the AM snack. In truth I actually prefer eating a little more at each meal and eating less frequently.

This week I decided to embark on a new adventure with Intermittent Fasting: the Leangains approach. For me this means skipping breakfast and eating 2-4 meals between 12-8pm. I’m also taking a non-dogmatic approach to doing IF. Some days I may need breakfast…and that’s OK. Some days I may not want to do IF…and that’s OK too. I started playing with a Leangains approach this week and I had a day that I knew it would be detrimental if I skipped breakfast because the day before I hadn’t eaten a solid dinner, so I ate breakfast. No biggie. This morning I had plans to meet a friend for brunch, so doing an IF today was not in the cards…and that’s OK. Biggest thing I am learning: I need to eat a LOT more at my first meal or I will be HUNGRY (or in truth…HANGRY ;-)) by the time I get to my second meal. What I have discovered is that meal timing between 1st and 2nd meal is closer together that it used to be. I used to eat lunch at 12 and then my afternoon meal around 4 and now I can only make it to about 330 before I really need to eat. So we will see if by increasing my meal size at lunch I can push the timing out. Oh…and I am doing this all the while doing my kettlebell training at 6am. Am I hungry on kettlebell days? Sure, but I tend to drink more green tea, make sure I get some BCAA pre and post workout and I have found green tea extract supplements also help curb hunger a little bit. And one last thing to mention…this doesn’t mean that I under eat a ‘normal’ calorie range for someone my size who is eating for fat loss (the last 5 stupid pounds). Even though I am trying to lose those last five stubborn pounds, I still need to make sure I am at least eating enough to support my basal metabolic rate which is about 1400 calories/day. Lately I have been also throwing in one day where I am over 2000-2500 calories so that my body doesn’t totally freak out and think it is starving. Chronic under eaters probably shouldn’t venture into IF, nor those with a history of eating disorders and there are a few other categories of people that JB outlines in the Precision Nutrition articles.

So this month I will be about playing with IF a little more seriously and see if it is right for me. On that note…I think it is time to eat. 🙂


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